Assembled steel structure light board building system Technology patent

Jinxin Green Building SLAT
Assembled steel structure light board building system

With the transformation and upgrading of China's building construction model, the prefabricated building has become more and more widely used in modern buildings due to its advantages in production, installation, standardization, low energy consumption, etc., and the emergence of various new building materials is also greatly Promoted the development of prefabricated buildings. Jinxin Green Construction SLAT assembled steel structure light board construction complete technical system is based on our own steel structure production and installation technology, the introduction of foreign advanced assembly-type construction technology, and China Academy of Building Research, Tsinghua University, Chongqing University A new type of building system that is jointly developed by research institutes. The SLAT system is based on the steel-structure, the light-weight cladding system and the Assembled building technology. It is factory-made and assembled according to standardized design. Construction technology, information management to create a building technology (Technology), with high quality, high speed, low energy consumption

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